Friday, 11 October 2013

Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach

I mentioned in yesterdays post that I received this Sleek product when I ordered a few things from a blog sale. I hadn't tried Sleek when the full range was sold in South Africa. Zando now sells a select amount of their products.

When I saw the colour, I thought it wouldn't suit me. I never wear coral or orange. I tried it on and changed my mind immediately. Unlike most lip balms, this one is incredibly pigmented. Its definitely not a sheer lip balm. Its also not too sticky which I like. I did need to reapply often but I do that with most lip balms. I also like that it has SPF15, making it perfect for the warm weather thats to come.

I think its perfect for summer when I feel like wearing very little makeup but I still want a pretty lip color!

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