Thursday, 25 July 2013

Inglot haul

Yesterday I walked pass the Inglot store in Canal Walk and they had a big red sign up advertising their 50% off sale. When I went in store, they told me the sale items were actually now 70% off.
This is what I ended up getting.

The first two pans are concealers which were reduced to R25 from R79. I got a lighter shade for winter and a darker one for summer. I absolutely love it. My dark circles vanished completely and it blended perfectly with my skin tone.

The lipsticks I randomly took because the palette was free if you filled it. Although, number 75 is the perfect ox blood color that I have been searching for. These were reduced to R20 from R69.

In total I paid R110 for 2 concealers and 3 lipsticks, plus a palette with a mirror that was meant to be R365.

The sale is on till they have sold out all their sale stock. So go and have a look at what they have as soon as possible.
Have you ever purchased anything from Inglot? I might go back to see what else they have!


  1. Loved your post , think I might have to make a turn at Inglot myself :).
    Any idea how long the sale is on?

  2. Bargain!!! Maybe I should try their concealers... really struggling with dark circles.

  3. I better go back to Inglot now!

  4. I've heard amazing things about the Inglot eyeshadows but haven't heard much about the concealers...what's your take on them? x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Absolutely amazing! It covers so well and it doesn't crease.

  5. I purchased a palette of lip sticks for R120 :D

  6. Very autumn ! Lovely blog ! I have followed you on friend connect follow back??

  7. Thanks for this post Amina! I did some shopping over the weekend :)


  8. I really really want to try Inglot, heard amazing things

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  9. Hi
    From the Inglot sale I got one of the same concealers, a brow powder and a liquid creamy concealer in a tube. I was considering getting lipsticks, but decided against it. The stuff you got looks great.


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