Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review- The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

When winter started, my skin started drying out. I usually have incredibly oily skin in summer so the moisturizer I usually use makes my skin look greasy in winter. I decided to try out this moisturizer after a friend raved about it.
It does claim to be for all skin types so I am hoping I can use it in summer when my oily skin makes an appearance. I love that this cream feels light on your skin (like a lotion) and it blends easily into your skin. It also does not make my skin look greasy even though it is a cream that is meant to hydrate. It has a very subtle and soft smell which is nice because I do not like perfumed creams. 

The only thing I do not like about this moisturizer is that it does not have a SPF in it. I wear this on a daily basis and it would have been convenient if it did. 


  1. Oh I just love the Vitamin E range! I have the BB cream and love it!

    1. I have heard great things about the BB cream :) I want to get the eye cream next

  2. Sounds like an amazing cream I like any cream that doesn't make me look greasy .

  3. this is so weird as I found it very greasy. Might need to give it another go, thank you for the review:-)


  4. What a beautiful background cloth, great post...


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